Saturday, December 6

second seshy of the day

curvy clouds

clean lines





aaahhhh soo good haha

blue sky

decided to go out again cuz the ocean was calling my name and i was the only one out there i started to talk to myself cuz i was so lonely haha anyways fun little waves reforming to the inside and made some nice long rides for the shortboard. piece

Picture frames!!!

super hot and sunny and hope the same for tomorrow

Tuesday, December 2

school competition/free surf

me waiting for the horn
the leading line \up

mmmmm donuts aaaaggghhh

go go go

js about to get slamed

aloha woooooohhhclean

late drop

look behind him



duck down asshole haha jk

mc rushing


local kid getting shacked

go mc go

wall mart

these guys flew right by my camera haha


awsome morning,
had a competition for school and got first in bodyboarding and first in short board im pretty happy with it and some good dumpy barrels to play in.

Monday, December 1

foggin in pier

surf team crowd it was insane

some guy was up at the top of the pier on the roof cleaning it


fun barrel i took off on the set and almost sliped out as i was getting the shot haha
Had a gud time out there but the only problem was the fog it was so thick u could take a knife and cut it but it was all worth it in the end