Saturday, May 21

Negative Low

It seemed bigger than the report was saying but im not complaining. :) Still some power out there and it should be fun the next few days.... i think its picking up again

Friday, May 20

Still Solid! :-)

I think I scored some of the best barrels all winter for me. I was so stoked after my sesh I couldn't keep my mouth shut about it!! :) The waves were alot better before I started taking pics.

Creedsta driving through a nice barrel! Dennis gettin a hold on one


Mike & Jeff haha

Trevor E

Took a couple videos and pics with the go pro and got only one solid 2 pic sequence of Mark.

TOOB RIDES!! ;-) More tomorrow morning!!

Thursday, May 19

Its been a while

Surfed an afternoon sesh and was pretty stoked on the surf. Haven't gotten wet in two days so it felt goood!! :-) Also stoked to put a post up!! Enjoy... there will be more local shreddaz and waves on the blog soon.


Dirk styylleee hair

John heading out

Rock N Roll


Timmy gettin a shot of me. Fun afternoon waves.



Christian showed up late... haha

Wheelie man

Timmy, Deo

Very workable rights. Looks so fun.

Tim getting the shot.

Hopefully there will be some solid south still showing early tomorrow morning. Set your alarms folks!! Im gunna try my best to keep uploading daily surf pics. We will see how it goes. :)