Thursday, March 5

Didn't wake up haha !!

:( :( :( :( :( :( :( Gosh i Wish i did cuz i heard it was pretty fun but not much to look forward to this weekend though :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

Wednesday, March 4

Conditions are Back


Tuesday, March 3

onshore backwash lol!!

The way I roll!!
nice lil wedgie going out




I think the only fun thing out there was the backwash that could take you a couple yards out then hit the lip haha lol but i hear its going to be onshore (AGAIN!!!) but bigger soooo well see what happens...........................................Tell tomorrow>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Monday, March 2

Back in the day!!!!!!!!

caught a nice sesh with my buddie Lee this size to (FINALLY!!!) lol but check these old old old old old old videos recorded by Nancy theres a couple clips of me in here too i look like a retard hahaha lol its was when i just started DK enjoy

Sunday, March 1

Some Pics from my heat thanks to Jeff for supporting me!!

Me Tim and my dad!!!

tuckin in for some backdoor fun !!!

reverse spin sequence 1



thanks SO much Jeff for coming down and supporting me in my time and need it was so fun out there i think this in the only comp where i wasn't nervous hahaha lol i just wanted to go out there and have fun like a normal free sesh great shots Jeff

hot hot hot hot hot hot hot!!!!!!!!!!

Tim and Andy being goofy!!!!!!!!!!! lol

some sunset pics

What a long day got down there at about 8:30am then left at 6:00pm..........just hangin with all my friends and heving a good time......finally the girls came out of there cold dark shell lol haha.........hade some nice fun lil mushies to play with and had some fun hours with my new WCB board its a keeper for sure i love it lol to bad the awsome weekend is over!!!!! :(