Saturday, October 31

"Animal Planet" Manhattan Beach Style!! HA!

i wouldnt want ones of these things hitting me on the way down! OUCH!!!

No surf no shred!

SOOOO SORRY ABOUT NOT POSTING ALL WEEK! :( :( I have been in bed sick all week and had a temp of about 100-104 almost up and down all week....i had the 103.9 one afternoon and i never want to go through that ever its allot of pain and suffering! :/ but any how I'm allot better now so i decided to Cruz down and see what the ocean had for me to see....aaannndddddd nothing!!! so flat all i could see was ripples from boats and birds nailing the water over and over and over again! so i took pictures of another type of was sorta fun... :).........oh ya and Happy Halloween

Monday, October 26

Bodyboarding live!!!! TONIGHT!!!

BBL Episode 36
LIVE! from Manhattan Beach. We're broadcasting LIVE from Manhattan Beach Pizzeria! We're giving the LA County possee some love and bringing the mobile BBL studio to MB. We are also moving our showtimes from Tuesdays 7pm to every other Monday at 7pm starting with Episode 36. Join us for a beer and bodyboarding! LOCATION: