Saturday, January 17


if u r wondering why there is only one photo from the comp is cuz my dumb ass...deleted the pics off the camera. i dadnt mean to do that so mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 15


Didn't even bother this morning just sleped. Keep hearin stories about some magical swell thats coming through i dont think it will be so magical as people say, cuz we would see some push by now or at least the begining of it, but i could be wrong.....well see :):):)...........................................................P.S oh ya if any one needs info on the comp this sat call me on my cell 13105024391 or go on thanks

Wednesday, January 14

Where the Hell is the swell ??????!!!!!!

The breakfast of assholes
suns coming
offshores are sick
But the waves arent
but the moon is out
and the water is glass
but i got out really fast
screw that im going home early cuz it was about an inch big.....uuuugh boring

Tuesday, January 13

Afternoon Play Time

Ok...Now who in the hell would go out in this crap haha.............ME!!!smooooth

aqua color

Nice and clear


CRaZy!!! lookin

see through

i love life

Not a cloud in sight

WOW what a beautiful afternoon it was nice and offshore all day and some little dribblers coming through and i think the only reason they were cuz the tide was at a -1.25 pretty low if u ask me but its gonna get better through out the week cant wait .....and hope to see some peeps at the contest on saturday at salt creek

Monday, January 12

forgot the cam

Hey everybody sorry for no pics today but i had a competition this morning and came up on first place and im pretty stoked on the win so if anybody wants to compete go to the BIA competition on January 17th (THIS SATURDAY) @ salt creek should be pretty fun hope to see some of u guys there!!!!!!!! Piece!

Sunday, January 11

A's For Days

told ya

triple threat

back spray

go rightspot


white n foamy


a blury me


Ok!!!! todays pics are a little different cuz i edit them for a change i think they came out pretty good :)