Saturday, March 28

Seshing with all da boyz!!

Chunkness!! haha
hhhmmmmm i wonder why these guys were x'ed haha


This is very attractive Dale HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fun waves when your buddies are around thanks for the awesome day guys you are the best!!

Thursday, March 26

still off

Not what i expected but it was nice and fun!! The photos turned out nice too though! :)

Wednesday, March 25

Bone chillzzzzzzzzzz!!!

and the morning begins
some locals crowding the spot lol
inside sandbar
blowing offshore
he isn't going to make the section
Mr. Reed
Too late
CHILLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not much to be impressed by but its something more push tomorrow

Tuesday, March 24

Just a couple pics that cought my eye!!!!!!!!!! (insane)



yesterday i grabbed a couple new suits.... i got a 3/2 storm trooper and a spring matrix :) i wish i could have taken a pic of the other one but it was all wet and inside-out from my awesome sesh this morning nice long rides
here is a pic of the sun going down out side my house