Saturday, December 13

Blow me over why dont you!!

gotta be there
tim and pete runnin on the beach

i dont follow 2 of those laws hehe

Mr. Tim gettin some shots of his own thanks for the advice buddy

me just chillin after the sesh

dark side of the pier

onshore winds

get me out of the wind aaaahhh

me trying to be scotty carter hahahaha sorry bro haa

decided to shoot in black and white for a change i think it looks pretty cool, super windy today but still had an "OK" time but still mite score tomorrow!!!!

Friday, December 12

A night to remember with heroes all over

me and mike stewart never thought this would happen...look at my face haha

scott and mike unite

ron and mike

ray and carly

eeeewwww haha

wade the raffle winner

good friends

carter and the gang

wade and tim tindal

LA ray postin up

south bay crew

sal and bobby

scotty carter and mike stewart giving away a board
Sick ass night loved to be arownd all the rippers from all over the world is was great to see all the people in there supporting bodyboarding and the love in the air was amazing good wishes to Ron on his recovery and hope to see him in the water soon!!! So everybody have fun keep bodyboarding and keep it alive......piece :):):):):)

Sunday, December 7

windy lefty's

low tide

thanks dale for flipping me off haha

mark again

pretty boring waves but had a left off to the side of us and were snaging it for a couple hours