Friday, September 18


this is not a color change :) just dark!
yaaa i was out there early!!.......reaaalllyyyy earllyyy!! try 530? yep

background barrel
i wish i got this one centered...but i was in such a hurry to get the hell out of the way of it so my result wasn't to good
a really nice set came through and this one peaked sooo far out that i got two pics of it and still had time to catch some of it when it got to me :) ......that was a ride.......a 10 second one! :) YEEE!!
about to get the love...

MC explaining his fear haha jk......oh and about the BIA champs taking place at Salt Creek tomorrow...Saturday...September 19, 2009...If you are entering...get there at 630!!..SHARP!!..cuz the beach entries are limited..but ill be in it soo wish me luck and i hope i come out on top and win the season for my juniors division! :)

Thursday, September 17

Pitch black

a dark ending
this is a personal favorite because normally when i get a good barrel shot with an exit it was during the day but in the dark its a new experience with flash photography :) :)
a doubled up thick lip off the sand bar

I haven't been in the water in a couple days so i was stoked to get my barrel feed on!!!! I got in the water at about was dark for 30+. I have been hearing that it has been very good the last couple days and im bummed i didn't get any of it :( but oh well More for tomorrow and the weekend....and ill give info on the BIA event for Saturday tomorrow.

Sunday, September 13

Evened Sandbars

Still Walled and fun....lots of deep, steep, and thick barrels!