Wednesday, January 28

Its all about Pete Thomas just him hahaha all he does is make me chuckle!!!!

such a rock star


ya ya ya


mike and pete look at that pose

hey hey hey hey hey

Hit it

im telling you glutie

The most crazyest, funniest, nuttyest, kookyest person ive ever met in my life he puts a smile on everyone face and just blows people away with the things he says including me most of all i deffenently have abs at the end of the day because im laughing sooo hard and my kidneys hurt haha if you havent met him you wouldn't understand hahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

some pier wedges

and night
didnt take any water shot during this sick ass afternoon sesh. But i kinda regret it cuz there was some side waves off the end it was great. No swell for a while now and i dont know how long i can last standing on the beach and just waiting for waves it will drive me (NUTS) i mite just find another water activity to do until the swell picks up again.

Tuesday, January 27

I Pod Music sesh

Music in the water
super coooold this morning with some nice lil shoulders to play around on but i had a waterproof I Pod with me in da water and it was the best thing ever just the fact that i could get barreled with music plying is the best feeling haha.

Sunday, January 25

Up front view!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

and it begins
this is really what it was like the whole morning just dredging on the dry sand haha sand spits

suns peepin


about to roll in da pit old school

doggie dog

aaaaaahhhhhhh kook

a lil dark their!!

peep hole

ca its in the way...haha

flashing the rightspot hehe...nice old school trick CA

he made it through this one :) :) :)

MC: air drop

just some fun pits