Saturday, November 28


Pretty much windy and pumping at the same time!! VERY FUN THOUGH!!!
Selase on a nicey!!
a nudder nicey!!

wow a nother one!
Broken board!
Dale didnt have fun :)
the only barrel i saw
Nice day too
afterwards Sal, Tim, Dan, Peter, and me went to Beach Hut to get our grubb on And i was super Hungry!!!
YUUUMMM!!! I got another order after this one!!! hahaha

Friday, November 27

After Turkey Shack's

The venue for the day :) :)
Me and Nikki
Wish it was full
View from the house
The feast

Nikki ans her sis Jenny
AWW :)
:) :) :)
:/ :/:/ :):):) haha Fire! That was the pics from last nights Thanksgiving dinner..Im so thank full for the poeple in my life and the friends who keep me going in the water>you know who you Family and Those DAMN waves!!! haha :) :) Oh and my beautiful girl nikki
Bobby on a nice one!

A HUGE increase in swell but the lack of shape was pissing me off so i cut my session short! :( Gotta hunch for tomorrow! :)

Wednesday, November 25

Clear Waterz!

Im just lovin these!! :) :) :)