Wednesday, December 31

Grom shesh!!!

this was a new one i did a 360 with the cam in my had i think i worked out pretty well for a first timer

Good waves all morning with some light onshore flow _early_ but it glassed off and got another hour or two in for counting!

Tuesday, December 30

Freestone Skatepark :)

double blunts

super fun skate shesh in AZ will have some water pics uploaded tomorrow

Sunday, December 28

Back in AZ


me getin a little air haha i think i get more air in da water haha

Saturday, December 27

Thursday, December 25

Merry Christmas

Sorry I havent been uploading....finaly my internet is back up it was down for a couple days just another Christmas gift hahaha but anyways got down to the water and i couldn't believe my eyes some pretty nice a-framed over head peaks coming through.......thats rare....good fun and i wish everyone a Merry Christmas!!!!!

Tuesday, December 23

Outside Wallz

To me that sign says "get in the water thers waves" haha and there was!!

this is how far out i was pretty rare

Timmy's first wave was perfect and i think it was the best one all morning
Dave should have went right...look at the barrel going right.haha but good wave anyways
inside left

big outside mush

Didn't take to many pics this morning cuz it was rough out there and i didn't want to lose the cam but N-E ways big masive wallz coming through and snaged a lot of good ones lets just say i got pretty airborn with all the nice double up sections. super fun and hope to score again tomorrow :)

Monday, December 22

offshore wind tunnel

MC liftin

peak a boo

mike going down the line

some pop action

Scored once again and had some offshore flow until 12:30. Super fun with peaks all over only three people out......including me. Some more swell coming tomorrow. Hope to see some nice long rides.