Wednesday, July 22

Another day at the beach

The shot of the day! This one doubled up NICE!!!

waxin a new board!

Chris showin of the new ink

Alot cleaner today!! :) :) :) More in the morning!

Tuesday, July 21

Todays Randoms

fogged in
Dale's hero shot


chillin chillin chillin

woohoo theres waves!!!

I think this is going to be the shot of the day because, most ppl never follow this rule and they always end up with a ticket. so ya!...park head in only!!!! haha

Today had a little more juice in the water, and I was satisfied!!! :) :)
Oh...and by the way..I'm going to start claiming the photo of the day each and every post from now on! its a new idea! check under each photo and try to find the photo of the day!

Monday, July 20

fishing on the "New Del Mar" with my dad

my dad rigin up the rods

my bud Joel from school! i didnt even know he was a deck hand for the day! ha small world!

the morning take-off

waves of the front of the boat


harbor wakes

My dad and I tryed to go out on the boat and see what was out there to yank on......BUT!!!......we didnt get one fish but really fun though being out there in the first place.....waves in the morning...and gunna make my way out to hawaii in the next week!!! wooohooo!!