Saturday, February 14

Dodo brown peaks,,.,.,.,.with ockward barrels!!!

the pics u r about to see r so awsome they might burn your eyes so i suggest shades haha
the start of a guuud day and a guuud sesh this is the first one that came through


deep bowlz

brown eeeeewwww

pointy peaks

i think he was bodysurfing this one hahaha

look at him he said..... "i like peaks hehe"

an empty one

toob views

sal trying to get a shot of his c how it came out please check

sal getting spit out on this one

just a little farther back and he would have been in lala land haha

this sequince shot was taken by sal thanks a million bro its a nicey it spit sooo hard too

Friday, February 13

my dogs Koko and Kahlua!! :)

my beautiful puppys there the best

Thursday, February 12

snagin it haha

this is a pic that i found on the internet of me hahaha pretty random

Wednesday, February 11

Tuesday, February 10

purple skin!!!

darkened peaks

building mound
down the line

thick peaks

my dumb ass aaahhhhahaha

some big mound were coming in right here

wwwwwwwwoooooooo hhhhhooooooo

aaaaaaagggggggghhhhhhhhhh wiiipppeee ooouuuttt


pretty cold out there cuz the wind was just howlin offshore. but scored some fatties and yesterday was even bigger it was insane i was about three pier lengths out it was far as hell but i was the only person out also so it was scary too :l :l :l :l :l :/ :/ :/