Monday, December 27

Go like a Pro!

Glad to post some pics again. really fun waves this morning. booged for 3 hrs. we need more swell though. :) Peace!

Thursday, March 18

The dark room in my photo class
the photo class
My friend Jesse flipping off the tree.....crazy! :)

Friday, March 5

Over the years

u just went through 4yrs of surf history! ha! :)

Saturday, February 27

Brandon on land dudy....Sal & I on the other side for once!

snaped this one on the way there....pretty cool!
then i handed off the cam to Brandon....put his ass on land dudy!!! :) :) slashing hard!!

Selase making the waves look tiny with that spray!
mine looks waaaayyy smaller than the man SAL!

Thanks for taking pics Brandon ill get back at u on this one!

Saturday, February 20

Monday, February 15

Eddie pullin in to a nice one at burnout