Saturday, January 24

uuuuuggghhhh to many kooks haha

hey look its super man hahaha lol

just a lil (DK) sequence haha nice Joe

hoooohhhhhhhhhhhhh haha
its pretty nice to have beautiful sunsets like these

Thats Right !!!! !! ! ! ! ! !


woooooooooow what a!!!!! more tomorrow!! hehe

the swell is gonna be a lil better in da morning then stopping on monday sooooo get your barrels in tomorrow morning if any one wants to roll with me just hit me up.........piece :):):)

Friday, January 23

arff arff arff

these 4 pics where taken by MC...............we caught that seal slippin........ not 2day homie

hey a movie star but i cant tell who it is hahaha MC

dont have much to say but i got some new tricks in my bag hahaha piece

Thursday, January 22


silky smoooth!!!

super fun thismorning with some new tricks in my bag got acoulple new one in on some sick inside lips