Tuesday, April 14

Natural Colors!!

oooohhh yeah!!
Trevor droppin in
MC About to get shacked
This was the nicest
This shows the size overhead!!
Glassy gold!!
The back of a wave with the sunrise


Monday, April 13

Took a break

I wanted to sleep in this morning even though it was good out there...that's what surfline said.....but I think Ive been over doing the body boarding a Lil bit to much.....when your doing 2 or 3 sessions a day it get a little rough on your body... I'm back out tomorrow though!!!.......he is a couple sunset pics that i took a couple days back....enjoy

I'm craving WAVES>>>>......BAD!!! :) :) :) :)

Sunday, April 12

Egg Shaped Barrels!!

here's some pics of yesterday at my BIA competition.........fun day!!! And a thanks to Raymond for getting my but down there thanks bro yeeew cant wait for the next one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ray and joe

bob ready for his heat

No NO No Noooowww he's ready!! haha

Now even more!!

coughing up a storm Joe eeeggghhh!!

hey there haha

he was tired !!

very tired he was out for an hour on the sand haha hope he doesnt see the pic Tim took of him with da boyz standing over him haha

spinning tops out there

roll the same wave

jacob and bob laughing it up after the heat but jacob took the lead good job to bob though

Here's The pics from the sesh this morning.....Fun Sesh also nice clean open barrels!!!! WOOOOWOOOHOOO!!!!!

peaking out down there

claiming the right hahah yeah Dan

There goes Tim

This is a Malfunction !!! HAHA NOT GOOD

Mr. Ray Smith

Beeg Al

Marky mark!!


He hates taking pics haha

well look who just got out of the water

Dan made this on his own time while he wasn't busy its pretty cool nice job Dan

http://biatour.files.wordpress.com/2008/01/bia_event3_brookhurst_results.pdfTnhis is the results

and this is the standing score for the year so far you'll see my name on there some where! haha

www.biatour.com Check it out!!!!
Piece!!... and have FUN!!!