Saturday, December 20

double trouble

mounds building

super long lines

inside bowlzzzz

double peaks


oh not this time

this one goes out to brandon cuz hes the one who got my ass down there haha thanks alot bud hope to surf with you tomorrow and btw sal was getting barreled creed was getting barreled and I was getting barreled haha loved hoe the waves were today and had a great time with all of you much respect guys piece

Friday, December 19


mini lines
not much going on this morning just went in for about 10 minutes and just said screw it

Thursday, December 18

super crisp wind

Got in the water today and I was very surprised about what i saw. Some super long peeling waves coming through. Wish I would have brought cam but I thought it wasn't worth it. 45th street tomorrow morning people so if any body wants to up.... -EARLY- piece

Wednesday, December 17

flat, flat, flat, and more flat!!

maybe this guy will give every one wave machines for there back yard haha i wish

when i rolled up to the water i saw some pretty small long rides and still managed to get some fun ones come on sal you should have stayed hehe

Tuesday, December 16

All by myself...!!!????

in the dark about 5:45 this morning
double peaks


good empty peaks all around the beach. it was so crazy that i was the only person out there. my bikegot stolen so i had to use micheal's bike....thanks man....but a good morning to practice some crazy shit

Sunday, December 14

Fire works at the Manhattan Beach Pier

this was just before i left haha of course i was at g-mas house thats a thousand bucks in my hand ooohhhh yeah!!!!





sir chops alot

mini peaks

lets just keep it that way

hahaha look at his face hha

Onother day another wave but checked a couple spots and had no luck but to see some water pics from today see them at