Tuesday, December 23

Outside Wallz

To me that sign says "get in the water thers waves" haha and there was!!

this is how far out i was pretty rare

Timmy's first wave was perfect and i think it was the best one all morning
Dave should have went right...look at the barrel going right.haha but good wave anyways
inside left

big outside mush

Didn't take to many pics this morning cuz it was rough out there and i didn't want to lose the cam but N-E ways big masive wallz coming through and snaged a lot of good ones lets just say i got pretty airborn with all the nice double up sections. super fun and hope to score again tomorrow :)

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Whateva'z said...

Nice. It is kind of hard to snap any when it's pretty consistent. Especially when you're trying to catch some yourself. But N-E wayz if it's crappy tomorrow I know Thursday should be pretty fun.