Sunday, January 18

There we go!!!!! Nice masive wallz!!!!

swell for the week wooo hooo!!!!!!!!!1ooo

joe wipein out

far away peaks


Dale on a nice one!!!!


joe tucking in

shine it


foam ball

here is a sequent photo

this one kinda hurt

so did this one

he didnt feel pain he felt refreshed



look behind him


dark n foamy

sal on one of the bigger ones this morning

these r the pics ive ever takin like this

sal about to get barreled haha

Im so stoked that we scored (finally)!!! Some mackers where coming in and just perfect round circles when your in side on you would have to be there to understand the feeling that was inside all of us. It felt goooood!!! Also Dale i hope you feel beter after grinding your face on the bottom from one of those dumpers (took one foor the team) some bigger barrels tomorrow but only in the (right spot at the right time) as sal would say hahahaha thanks for the ride buddy........piece and have a good day!


Lee said...

Sick sequence of Sal

Anonymous said...

i was on south i got some big ass wave like Sals

Whateva'z said...

DISGUSTING!!!! Thanks lil dude. I don't think I'll ever get another barrel shot like that one again for as long as I bodyboard. Nice shootin. Feels good to be on the other side of da cam.

iTiZ wUt iTiZ said...

Amazing pics! We told you that was the "RIGHTSPOT" today!

till next time......