Wednesday, February 11

flowing peaks


Marcus Bockman, Editor said...

Nick B, gnarcore El Porto local. Yeah brah! Haha

Hit you up over the weekend. If there's swell we'll try and get some snaps. Um. Maybe even at that "crappy" spot you were talking about.

Sponger at MB/Nick the quick said...

ya its crappy alright haha lol but i might have to ask if we can first thats how localized it is haha no joke

Marcus Bockman, Editor said...

If you truly feel you need to "get permission" to not compromise your spot in the lineup, get on it! That's your homework for the week. When I call you over the weekend, I need a confirmation or a denial from the crew over there, because I don't feel like being hassled. Anyhow--lates!