Saturday, February 28

Manhattan Beach BIA Saturday, February 28, 2009

my winning prize

this is what happens when you have a grusome heat lol

stoked on the new board

some lovely prizes

Ray's masterpiece thanks for the awsome shirts bro thanks


pre-heat love

I want to thank the people who came to MB and supported the cause and the BIA also all my friends, family for coming and supporting me also!! I came in first place for the day and I'm SO happy and stoked for my performance today i also got to take home a brand new WCB representing Drew Ericson model ts the sickest board ive seen in a while and im super stoked on that to lol please come and support the next event at brookhurst st in hunnington beach......................stay stoked and keep the sport alive and support whats yours


Lee said...

Congrats on placing 1st bro.

iTiZ wUt iTiZ said...


karly leslie said...

Why on Earth didn't you tell me about this?!?
I would have LOVED to go watch you rip!!!
Congrats grom :]

Whateva'z said...

Congradulations dawg.

Marcus Bockman, Editor said...

YEEEWWWW! I just talked to you, but since I'm online again, congratulations. Stay stoked. Keep it up. Later.