Saturday, March 14

Sothern Power

We have arrived


Sal preparing for a big roundhouse!


Local dog Mike racing the section for a nice lil bowl!

Sal popping one off the flatness

Nick Arant doing some sliding out jammers

brown toobs

bright toobs

feathery lips

Small inside NUGG!!

JBrown smackin the lip for some roll action

A fatter nugg

Both trying to make it down the line

Sal AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha lol jk

Super fun and the first south swell of the season for this spot and it was NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks to sal for getting my but down there thanks bro!


Lee said...

Hey, who's that fat guy with the green board in the first pic? lol

I can't wait to hit this spot in the summertime.

Marcus Bockman, Editor said...

Yeaaaah brothas. Nice shots and rides. Hey Nick--left you a message about the timeline for getting the shots up. No problem about taking them. I won't be taking shots for awhile (I'm back out on the 22nd b!tches!) so I figured I would help out while I can.


michael said...
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mc said...

sick shots