Tuesday, April 21

Wet suits are getting thinner......down to a spring

the first thing i see when i walk out of my house :)

and then the first thing i see when i get in the ocean

kent rushing the section

Joel going head first in to the sand haha OUCH!!!

right on the sand haha still postin up!!

foam ball

oooowwww colors!!!

aaahhhh ya this board will do the trick paddle board it worked out nice for the tinys

One of the three good peaks that came through

here we go some action glass toob pits!!


Kinda looks like mini Cyclops.................http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPbiNOEFgfw....check it out and youll know what im talking about its NUTS!!!

smoke stacks are getting pitted haha

Green glass shacks

oooowwweee im shacked out of my mind on this one haha comletely covered

ahhhh it feels soooooooooooooo gooood knowing the water is warming up and letting me and my friends get away with shorts and a rashy .....or mayyybe just a spring suit ....for the ones that get cold easy haha but had to take out the long board to do some early take offs to get in the right spot at the right time haha ..............''repin Salase''.....haha..........Laaaaatezzzzzzz!!!!!