Saturday, May 30

Getting creative with photos...considering there wasn't much to shoot!! : (

L.A. weekly cover right there haha
Is that funny or what!!!!!!


i was splishin and splashin like this all day took over 300+ photos 2day but only posted these!!

I think it looks cool don't you think

the only ~pit~ I saw all day



woohh up close bubbles!

kinda looks like claws

creepin up the pier




hey it looks like a spider web in the center

Ink stamp

It was really interesting today cause i really never bother with anything but waves.....but there wasn't any to be found where i was. So I chose a Pylon to shoot and i did. it was my only friend for the day haha nothing other to shoot.................I HOPE I GET SOMETHING IN THE MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HOPE.......I HOPE.....I HOPE......I HOPE!!! LOL!

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Marcus Bockman, Editor said...

Hey Nick, that's what its all about--expanding your skill set beyond a certain type of photography. Its great you're looking around and seeing other things at the pier that aren't necessarily just waves, surfers or surfing. Surfing was what got me to be interested in photography myself, and I also expanded from there.

We'll surf soon.