Wednesday, June 17

Wide Pits, With Exits, and Tight Ends!



Oh gosh!!!!

haha no comment at all !!

Sal- Brown-n-foamy

Sal gettin sandy haha

Got slotted

inside glass :) :)

crossin right

un focused

came out of this one..............clear shot!! :)



un focused!

came out of this

came out of this


Very deep and centered..............peep hole

lip slash!

He came out of this!

eeewww dodo brown barrel

clean lined glass

Sal came out of this one also nice and dry!!!! Nice

Pretty much one of the best photo dayz ive had in a while they all came out great!! :) :) :) :)


Whateva'z said...

Thanks for da pics bro;) SICK empty toob shots too.

-JY- said...

hope it looks like that 2morrow!

iTiZ wUt iTiZ said...

Nice pics!

Did dat guy not make it out of any TOOBS today? GEEZ, Share Whateva'z! LOL

Marcus Bockman, Editor said...

Dear Lord, that's a lot of made barrels! Sounds like an epic sesh! I'm glad ya'll scored. NICE PICS Nick. Keep it up!

Whateva'z said...

Nick made it out of some too :)

Nick Borgens said...

hahahaha I luv you guys !!!! lol No Homo