Sunday, September 20

BIA Camps.....Salt Creek

these 12 pics were taken by Lee

Thanks for the pics Lee!!!!!

these next 4 pics were taken by Chris..hanks bro

lee showed up and supported me and took pics

bobby doin it good

low tide seeweed

can you say A-Framed!!???


hes guna land in the chair! haha

bob absolutely destroying the lip!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dane made time to fly to LA for the comp came all the way from Maui

Maui Boyz!


the waves were great and girlz every were

this is today i checked out the Rodium also and got some stuff

all kines!!! lol


Lee said...

No prob for the pics. Next time tho, I'll have to take some snacks. I wanted to stay all day, but I left by 11:30 so that I could get my grub on. lol BTW, how did you do?

Whateva'z said...

Nice pics fellaz.... Your backside is sikwitit! How did you do in your heats?

karly leslie said...

well now I understand why you never hang out with me anymore: your too busy being cool :]

Marcus Bockman, Editor said...

Hey Nick--do you know where to find the overall results for the contest? I know Bobby was up for DK pro overall champ, I was wondering if he won and how you did. Shred em!