Saturday, October 31

"Animal Planet" Manhattan Beach Style!! HA!

i wouldnt want ones of these things hitting me on the way down! OUCH!!!

No surf no shred!

SOOOO SORRY ABOUT NOT POSTING ALL WEEK! :( :( I have been in bed sick all week and had a temp of about 100-104 almost up and down all week....i had the 103.9 one afternoon and i never want to go through that ever its allot of pain and suffering! :/ but any how I'm allot better now so i decided to Cruz down and see what the ocean had for me to see....aaannndddddd nothing!!! so flat all i could see was ripples from boats and birds nailing the water over and over and over again! so i took pictures of another type of was sorta fun... :).........oh ya and Happy Halloween


Whateva'z said...

Glad you feel better lil dude. Love the pics too.

Marcus Bockman, Editor said...

Wow, I had no idea--stay up man, and don't get sick again! It sucks, trust me, I know! And I really like the photographs--really cool stuff. This is exactly how I started out with photography--I branched out from surfing to the ocean, and from there to nature, and so on and so forth. Keep expanding your horizons, that's what matters in photography.