Saturday, October 3

On 2 Hour Sleep

don't wanna get burned now...ha!!! I think that is a bit much!? lol
Mr. Ray Choa!!......lookin FRESH for the ladies! :) HAHA!
And we are off!!! SOUTH BAY!!

Checkin in

i should have waited for this one to go over just a bit more aaahhh!! My mistake! :(
Sal on the knee
Ray air droped on this one

there we go!

Sal making it look easy!

offshore sprays
Sal on a lil inside nugget

After 2 strait hours of sleep......and 2 strait hours of nasty current to battle against i was a bit on the grumpy side. For those who know me well enough to know how i am in the water...that's how i was all morning....but the waves kinda made up for it and i did have some good fun with some of my main guys from the South Bay. Thanks to them for giving me the chance to surf with them! I do GREATLY APPRECIATE IT! I hope you know that! :) :) for the swell i hear its supposed to be super fun back at the home break tomorrow weeelll seee.. :) :) :) :) :)


Whateva'z said...

I'm use to it already :)

Nick Borgens said...

haha use to what my anger? or my skillllzzzz!!!!???? HAHAHA LOL JK JK