Monday, December 7

Body Boarding Live from Amigos Tacos!!!!!! ~South Bay~

Friends For Life!!!!!! Love For Life!!!!!! Body board For Life!!!! :) :) i love em all
all it smiles!


Ray talking to the camera.

Twitter???? LOL!!

Sal and Creed. :) :)

The set up

My Photo Interview...Hoped everyone liked them!???

I cant even begin to say how much love and stoke was in Amigos Tacos tonight!! Everyone I knew was there showing there support for each and everyone of us!! I want to thank everyone for going, and just having a great time hanging out with all of your friends and supporting body boarding! :) Much love to Joe for making it happen with the location at Amigo's. Also to Manny Vargas for putting on an amazing show!! Much love to all my friends I love you all and keep body boarding and don't let anybody get in your way!! :)

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