Sunday, December 11

Some Sexy Waves Today

Todays waves
Mark tried to dodge my shot but I still gotcha homie haha!!
The rights were so on this morning. Lefts too!
Cruised to another spot to see what was going down.
It was going down!
This guy got a nice lil foamy shack


Here are some frame grabs from this morning also. Taloa picking off a nice one.
Taloa-Dk shack
Strait foamballing!!!!!
He launched that lip
Tucking in

Taloa going square
Just Chillin

Some other old/new goods...

You gotta love and appreciate Manhattan Pier to surf there every single day when the waves are what they are. It is one beautiful place! We take what we can get here... big or small. :-) Hittt it globbyy

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