Tuesday, March 31

An old Pic of Me! Thanks to Timmy

This was taken the day after x-mas was a memorable day!! very good waves at MB but thanks to Tim Tindall hes the one who took it thanks bro...................................Also had a fun sesh this morning to but i regret not bringing the cam out it was to fun!


Marcus Bockman, Editor said...

Ah, you're killing me smalls! You didn't take shots today? I've been digging your shots a lot as of late. Plus checking your blog is free and I'm too cheap to get a surfline or swellmagnet subscription right now. I'm getting a new waterproof setup because my Olympus just completely leaked.

Yeah, that pic from Tim is awesome. Timmmmmy!

Nick Borgens said...

hahaha i know im horrible but please check it out tomorrow this morning was funny cuz i jumped out of my buddies car and i was like ''SHIT I FORGOT MY CAMERA'' and i was too lazy to walk back to the car haha you know me!!! but just the way the light was hitting the nice lil pealers this morning was regretable but ya thats my story lol

Marcus Bockman, Editor said...

Story of my life! No worries man! I'm probably going to cruise by the pier this morning sans (sans means "without") a board this morning, and just chill a bit with my homie and da boyz. See you down there.