Wednesday, April 1

The feel of summer is in the air!!

Me and Richard and YES i was in a spring suit haha......well it is spring season.
Mr. Trevor Grimes heading to the line up
Peter Reed takin a high line
Joel postin up
Walking on water
We goof around a lil to much!!! :) :) :) :) all this kid does is make me laugh !!
I'm a Lil bit wiped out from the gnarly 1 1/2 foot sesh i had haha
Splish splash

This was one of the best times out in the water with all my friends and just laughing are asses off
I wanted to try my spring and it wasn't to bad i just had to keep moving!!


iTiZ wUt iTiZ said...

I know you were freezing!

Nick Borgens said...

Naaahhh not to bad lol i can take it

Marcus Bockman, Editor said...

You crazy essay? The ocean is loco vato...its going to make you freeze in that spring suit. Shoot. I was freezing in my fullsuit the other day out there! But its true...just KEEP MOVING!

karly leslie said...

youre a KOOK