Sunday, April 26

Back in action..........for now at least!!

Some of thr most beautiful pics ive ever taken.....but theres a lot!!! Peaks all m orning just rolling in hahah YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!


Points peak!!! AMAZING

WOW A loooooong daqy for me and da boyz i was down at MB from sunrise to sundown it was soo fun all day. Also My grandma was showin the love by letting me use here Lumix x10 Optical zoom Camera its siiick. BUT........One thing i learned today was that what you take pics from the beach an d not in the water you end up with a lot of them maybe tooooooo much haha but there all sick though ....I think .....What do you guys think?????????????????????


iTiZ wUt iTiZ said...

nice pics!!!

Nick Borgens said...

Thanks bro i like 'em too

michael said...

sick pics

Marcus Bockman, Editor said...

Stealing the pier angle! Haha, just kidding. I'm stoked you have a camera to work with for now. You need to ask your uncle to try his D200, you would be so psyched on that thing.

Nick Borgens said...

Bockman-I'm fine with the easy gear but maybe in the future and btw my step-GRANDPA said no and i probably would just fuck it up haha