Wednesday, June 10

Doubled Up & Cornered

This is a pic my mom took while i was at the Sullen clothing warehouse! The artwork was done by Big-Gus. Very cool work! Click on the Sullen link and check them out!! PLEASE! I want to give out a big thanks to Jeremy the owner of Sullen, and Brandi for hookin me up with the goods. it feels really nice knowing that my body boarding is really coming together and turning into something and not really failing on me!!!!!

Here is the water shots from this morning. The first pic is sweet to me cuz i haven't really gotten any nice shots lately and I'm stoked

This was taken by Brooke. One of the girls on the surf team shes got some skillz. thats a great shot

Thats her lol

Still some waves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Whateva'z said...

Good job on da sullen :)