Thursday, June 11

Swell recovery

Supposed to pick up for the weekend some combo peaks


Marcus Bockman, Editor said...

That bottom turn/top turn sequence is solid dude...keep at it. You're turning out some great stuff. Someday a DSLR housing, maybe? You're letting me borrow it if you get one, ha! Only because I let you borrow my kneeboard lol.

Nick Borgens said...

hahaha true Yeah!!.. i was just thiking aout the etter things in photography and not just doing the same thing over and over I have to create my own style..........RIGHT!!!!!???????????

LOL Later Bro Ill Be @ Pier on Saturday if you wanna surf ill be there all day with my friends we should surf!!

Nick Borgens said...

oh ya marcus i dont think the DSLR housing is very right for me its too much.........when it comes to water shots.....OLYMPUS FOR LIFE DUDE HAHAHA LOL!!