Sunday, November 22

I'm Back In The Water

that guy looks like an ant!! wayy over head!
Joe off the top
surfer off the top

Finally I had a chance to score some waves this morning and it was amazing to come back to come great weather, clear water, big barrels, and all my friends out in the line up! :) I also had some good luck with my water cam today! I scored a nice sequence of Joe doing a dk in a very nice barrel! Joe was the spot light of my cam today. HA! But Sal!......."WE WILL GET THAT MONEY SHOT WE HAVE BEEN TRYING TO GET SENCE WE MET SOON!!" I promise! I know that you have been waiting for one and im me haha! Oh and i do have some nice pics from yesterday that i havent got aroung to posting yet but they will be up between 4:30 and 6:00. So please check back for those later!

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