Wednesday, February 18

A Box Full Of Long Rights!!! :)

The set up
and the dead :(:(:(

mush frames

Nice rights they went for ever



in da distance


this guy fell haha

MC Gettin a nice lil curl good work bud!!!

the aftermath cutback

right off the rocks


these last couple shots where of another spot on the way home!! pretty good to me!!

Im starting to like this spot a lot more now adays!!! its sooo fun when you can get 10-30 second rides of the peak i dont think i caught one left this morning the right would just keep comming in and were holding up all the way to the sand some more in da A.M Piece


Marcus Bockman, Editor said...

"this guy fell haha"

Its el porto--what do you expect?

Guess what? I my lil bro told me about a different image editing program you can use to make the sequence collages. The program also does general editing--I.E., brightness/contrast, hue/saturation, etc. Its called "". Its free; I'll tell you about it when we talk Thursday or Friday.

Keep on living it up in the water--I have a month left and some change left and I'm GOOD TO GO! Catch a few ockward barrowz for me.

Nick Borgens said...

it wasn't porto bud haha lol its the cutty cut lol but its a fun wave though

Marcus Bockman, Editor said...

Gotcha. Whenever I see smokestacks I just automatically think "El Porto". Durrr. You need to put a spot map in your blog! Or not.