Tuesday, February 17

YES!!!!!!!!!!! Pier Pressure

cho building nice speed!!!!!!!!
speed racer haha lol


building up for a lil sumthin sumthin lol


double up

the end to a great afternoon with (good vibes) hehe

on my way back home vista del mar was totaly shut down so if yr headed this way north or south i advise you take sepulveda to get to the ocean
The waves were great some overhead bowlz were building right off the end and it had alot of speed also with some nice ramps to hit!!!! Some prizes will be here in da A.M can't wait hehe


Anonymous said...

Go to Seal aka "triangle city", "ripping killer bowling" hermosa pier BUT STAY AWAY FROM MB PIER GOOF TROOP

Whateva'z said...

That's messed up anonymous...why would you say something stupid and that really doesn't make any sense on the homey's blog!

Whateva'z said...

Looked fun by the way Nick. Nice shots. I know it's hard to snap em when it's overhead like that. Especially when you're ripping at the same time. Keep it up.

The one to be there-Nick Borgens said...

WTF r u kidding me right now ill roll where ever i want. pretty sad you gotta say that on the internet why dont you say it up front. dont get it started with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!