Sunday, February 15

Not to Shabby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hittin the top
toob check up

sick right

Creed gettin smashed on this one hes just gettin bounced on the back ouch haha


well look who it is hehe



lefty bowlz

wow what a day........i still wish it had a little more push and size but like the homies said "You take what u can get" and u know who u r aha

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Marcus Bockman, Editor said...

Poor the!

I hate getting caught inside! Ah well. Whatevaz!

Hopefully this upcoming weekend will provide waves, sunshine, and favorable shooting conditions. We've got to get your portfolio wrapped up. I need to get some DK snaps, and some ARS'.

My digital camera is STILLLLL in the shop though, so I don't know what is up yet. I'll let you know Thurs.